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ICRP International

Conference on Recovery After Nuclear Accidents

Radiological Protection Lessons
from Fukushima and Beyond

December 1 - 18, 2020


Environmental Impacts and Associated Societal and Ethical Issues


Hirofumi Tsukada - Fukushima University (Japan)
Michiaki Kai International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP)

Scheduled Presentations

Part 1: Environmental Impacts

Image by jo vangrinderbeek

Radiocesium in the Environment of Fukushima

Hirofumi Tsukada (Fukushima University, Japan)


Chromosomal Aberrations in Wild Mice Inhabiting Fukushima Prefecture

Yoshihisa Kubota (QST, Japan)

Image by Lukasz Szmigiel

Lessons Learned for Environmental Impacts from Past Accidents 

David Copplestone (ICRP)

Part 2: Societal and Ethical Issues

Image by Aziz Sıtkı Eskin

Stigma and Reputational Damage after the Triple Disaster

Naoya Sekiya (University of Tokyo, Japan)


Synthesis of the JHPS Conference on Tritium

Hiroko Yoshida (Tohoku University, Japan)

1.3 Debrah oughton.jpg

An Ethical Dimension to Sustainable Development in Contaminated Ecosystems

Deborah Oughton (NMBU, Norway)

Part 1: Environmental Impacts

Complementary Presentations

Absorbed Dose Rate Assessment for Japanese Cedar Trees Exposed to Ionising Radiation After the Fukushima Accident

R.A. Mikailova, Y. Onda, S.V. Fesenko, H. Kato

The Fukushima Soil Project - A Propose

A.N.C. Silva, R.S. Amaral, J.A. Santos Júnior, J.W. Vieira

Effects of Radioactive Contamination on the Murine Rodents in the Remote Period After the Chernobyl Accident

A.G. Kudyasheva, L.A. Bashlikova, O.V. Ermakova, O.V. Raskosha, A.M. Kadukova, S.V. Gancharou

Modeling of Long-term Radioactive Cesium Concentration at the Abukuma River Kuroiwa Site

H. Sasaki, S. Moritaka, Y. Igarashi, K. Nanba

Vertical Migration of Chernobyl-Origin 137Cs in the Contaminated Areas of the Republic of Belarus

O. Zhukova, Z. Bakarykava, L. Rozdyalouskaya

Recovery Phase Modeling in the Wake of Fukushima: Predicting the Bioaccumulation of Cesium-137 in Migratory Albacore Tuna

L. Brinkmann, D.J. Rowan

Part 2: Societal and Ethical Issues

Discipline in International Trade in Food After a Nuclear Accident: The Role of ICRP Recommendations

Y. Ishikawa

Protection of the Public in a Large-scale Radiation Accident: Overcoming the Presumption of Radiological Guilt

Y. Konstantinov

Socio-psychological Aspects of Residing in Radioactively Contaminated Territories

E.Y. Burtovaia, A.V. Akleyev

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