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ICRP International

Conference on Recovery After Nuclear Accidents

Radiological Protection Lessons
from Fukushima and Beyond

December 1 - 18, 2020


Recovery in Areas Where Returning is Difficult


Yasumichi Nakai - Fukushima University (Japan)
Jacques Lochard - Nagasaki University (Japan), International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP)

Scheduled Presentations


Recovery Policy of Areas Where Returning is Difficult

Noriyuki Mizuno (Cabinet Office of Japan)


Situation in Iitate Village

Norio Kanno (Former Mayor of Iitate village, Japan)


Situation in Okuma Town

Jun Yoshida (Mayor of Okuma town, Japan)


Current Situation of Futaba Town and Its Future

Nobuhiro Tokunaga (Vice-Mayor of Futaba town, Japan)

Experts Panel

Panel Discussion

Moderator: Jacques Lochard (Nagasaki University, Japan and ICRP)

Complementary Presentations

Environmental Remediation of the Difficult-to-Return Zone in Tomioka Town, Fukushima Prefecture

L. Cui, Y. Taira, M. Matsuo, M. Orita, Y. Yamada, N. Takamura

Problems of Organizing Long-term Monitoring and Rehabilitation of Radioactively Contaminated Areas of Agricultural Production (Experience of Kyshtym and Chernobyl Accidents)

B. Prister, T. Lev, M. Talerko, A. Nosovskyi, Y. Onishi, O. Tischenko

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Inquiries for further information can be directed to Hiroki Fujita, ICRP Assistant Scientific Secretary.

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