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Conference on Recovery After Nuclear Accidents

Radiological Protection Lessons
from Fukushima and Beyond

December 1 - 18, 2020

T. Zar Win

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Risk Communication in the Recovery Phase After a Nuclear Accident: The Contribution of the ‘Co-expertise Process’

T. Zar Win (Nagasaki University, NU, Japan)

Communication on radiological risk in the context of a nuclear accident faces 3 major obstacles: the lack of basic knowledge and experience about radiological risk among the affected people, the high level of their concern, and their widespread mistrust of authorities and experts as a result of the accident. Experience of Chernobyl and Fukushima has proven that in such context the ‘co-expertise process’ recommended by ICRP is very effective to empower stakeholders in post- nuclear accident situations and to help them to regain control on their day-to-day life. The research presents is based on the following questions: (1) Where the ‘co-expertise process’ model is coming from ?, (2) How the process works?, (3) What are its theoretical foundations? and (4) What are the conditions and means for its practical implementation? Chernobyl and Fukushima experience have demonstrated that to be successful the co-expertise process must rely on dialogue and measurements and that the behaviour of expert is crucial to restore social trust which is the fuel of the co-expertise process.



T. Zar Win (Nagasaki University, NU, Japan)


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