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Radiological Protection Lessons
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December 1 - 18, 2020

D. Stelmakh

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

The Shelter Object Transformation into an Environmentally Safe System

Dmytro Stelmakh (SSE Chernobyl NPP, Ukraine)

Chernobyl NPP Unit 4 was destroyed as the result of the accident in 1986. To mitigate accident consequences the Shelter Object was created.

The Shelter Object was constructed under severe radiation conditions, rested on the existing structures of the destroyed reactor building with unknown stability and does not meet current regulations and standards in radiological protection and civil engineering. Therefore, in 2004-2008, the urgent stabilization measures were implemented which enabled to ensure the acceptable level of safety for the Shelter Object till 2023.

The New Safe Confinement was commissioned in 2019. It will ensure the reliable isolation of the Shelter Object for 100 years.

Following the commissioning of New Safe Confinement, the dismantling of unstable structures of the Shelter will start with further taking under control all the fuel-containing materials and transformation of the Shelter object into a long-term safe structure.



Dmytro Stelmakh (SSE Chernobyl NPP, Ukraine)






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