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December 1 - 18, 2020

C.D. Ganzha, D. Gudkov, I.I. Abramiuk, O.E. Kaglyan

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Skeletal Anomalies in Juvenile Fish from Radioactive Contaminated Water Bodies

C.D. Ganzha, D. Gudkov, I.I. Abramiuk, O.E. Kaglyan (Institute of Hydrobiology, NAS, Ukraine)

The purpose of research was to diagnose morphological anomalies in the axial skeleton of juvenile fish from water bodies within Chornobyl Exclusion Zone (CEZ). The Rhodeus amarus, Leucaspius delineates, Rutilus rutilus and Scardinius erythrophthalmus were studied. The total dose rate for studied fish species from CEZ was registered in range 17.4-58.6 and from reference lakes was about 0.06 μGy/h. Bone tissues of fish were stained by T. Potthoff method. Among the observed anomalies the predominance of disorders of structural elements of caudal and abdominal sections was determined. Such anomalies as additional processes of neural and haemal spines (up to 29%), bifurcation of neural or haemal arch (13%), partial or total vertebral fusions (7%), deformation of the last vertebra of the tail section (37%), and also deformation of the ribs (87%) have been found. The deformations of spine such as lordosis, kyphosis and scoliosis also were found.



C.D. Ganzha, D. Gudkov, I.I. Abramiuk, O.E. Kaglyan (Institute of Hydrobiology, NAS, Ukraine)

研究の目的は、チェルノブイリの立入禁止区域(CEZ)内の水域に生息する幼魚の中軸骨格の形態学的異常を診断することであった。ヨーロッパタナゴ(Rhodeus amarus)、サンブリーク(Leucaspius delineates)、ローチ(Rutilus rutilus)、及びラッド(Scardinius erythrophthalmus)が調査された。調査対象のCEZからの魚類の総線量率は17.4〜58.6 µGy/hの範囲で登録されており、基準湖からの線量率は約0.06 μGy/hであった。

魚の骨組織はT. Potthoff法で染色した。観察された異常の中で、尾部と腹部の構造要素の障害が優勢であることがわかった。神経弓棘と血管棘の付加過程(最高29%)、神経弓又は血管弓の分岐(13%)、部分的又は全体的な脊椎椎体固定(7%)、尾部の最終椎骨の変形(37%)、及び肋骨の変形(87%)などの異常が見られた。脊柱前弯、脊柱後弯、及び脊柱側弯のような脊椎の変形も認められた。


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