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Radiological Protection Lessons
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December 1 - 18, 2020

Y. Takeuchi

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Machinery System for Radioactivity Measurement of Container Bag Including Removed Soil and Its Deals in Off-site Decontamination

Y. Takeuchi (Hitachi Construction Machinery Japan Co., Ltd.)

Towards the final disposal of the removed soil outside Fukushima Pref., MOE (Ministry Of the Environment, Japan) will promote recycling of the soil after volume reduction technology as much as possible, which consequently would lead to reduce the volume of soil for the final disposal. In these promotion, easy and safety deal of container bag and its radioactive screening are big issues.

For this solution, we developed machinery system merged technology of Hitachi group, which uses hydraulic excavator, radiation measurement system and these integrations. It makes possible to operate only machinery operator which measure radioactivity and weight of container bag and its screening and deal. As a result of this, it makes distance between machinery, container bag and workers during operation that contributes efficiency of these operation and decrease risks of exposure and accident.

This machinery system was used in recycling demonstration project by MOE in 2019



竹内 豊 (日立建機日本株式会社)




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