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Conference on Recovery After Nuclear Accidents

Radiological Protection Lessons
from Fukushima and Beyond

December 1 - 18, 2020

I. Abalkina, E. Melikhova, M. Savkin

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Communicating Radiation Risks to the Residents of the Chernobyl Affected Areas in Russia: Key Lessons Learned

I. Abalkina, E. Melikhova, M. Savkin (Nuclear Safety Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, IBRAE, Russia)

The paper analyses communication experience of radiation protection experts at federal/regional and local level. Efforts to justify protective measures were more successful at the federal level; while the task of adjusting risk perceptions among local residents remained unsolved. At the recovery stage (after 15 years), main difficulties were associated with the fact that expert knowledge was in conflict with both public perceptions of the risk of low doses and legislative approaches. In these situations, communication success directly depends on expert’s personality. When large areas are affected, efforts of a few dedicated experts are clearly not sufficient. More systematic approaches (training of doctors, teachers, etc.) require governmental support and experienced personnel. Federal authorities changed their attitudes by the 15th anniversary of the accident. At the regional level, this process stretched out for another 15 years. Public perceptions of large-scale health consequences still persist. Examples and survey results are presented.



I. Abalkina, E. Melikhova, M. Savkin (Nuclear Safety Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, IBRAE, Russia)


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