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Radiological Protection Lessons
from Fukushima and Beyond

December 1 - 18, 2020

C.J. Guembou Shouop, M. Ndontchueng Moyo, D. Strivay

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Fukushima Accident Impact 13,000 km Away and a Lesson for Developing Countries

C.J. Guembou Shouop (National Radiation Protection Agency of Cameroon), M. Ndontchueng Moyo (University of Liège, Belgium), D. Strivay (Université de Douala, Cameroon)

Studies have been performing worldwide to provide up-to-date information on radioactivity released to the environment and its impact on it after major nuclear accidents as the recent Fukushima one. One main concern regarding the assessment of radioactivity released in developing countries is the lack of information regarding their natural radioactivity background. It is then undeniable that while using radiation monitors after an accident, countries without natural radiation background faced a challenging situation related to the level of contamination and its origin. In this regard, we suggested two major recommendations to cope with such challenges:

1. All countries should develop a national radiation monitoring program to set the national natural background and a radiological map. It will help to monitor cross-contamination and its level;

2. Nuclear power countries should financially and technically assist and support developing non-nuclear power countries to set the first recommendation and to implement national monitoring programs.


福島事故の13,000 km先への影響と開発途上国に対する教訓

C.J. Guembou Shouop (National Radiation Protection Agency of Cameroon), M. Ndontchueng Moyo (University of Liège, Belgium), D. Strivay (Université de Douala, Cameroon)


1. すべての国が、国の自然バックグラウンドと放射線マップを定める国の放射線監視プログラムを策定すべきである。こうしたプログラムは、2次汚染とそのレベルを監視するのに役立つ。

2. 原子力発電国は原子力発電を持たない開発途上国が第1の勧告に対処し、国の監視プログラムを実施するのを財政的、技術的に援助し支援すべきである。

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