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Conference on Recovery After Nuclear Accidents

Radiological Protection Lessons
from Fukushima and Beyond

December 1 - 18, 2020

A. Goto, Y. Yumiya, K. Ueda

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Feedback Assessment from the Audience as a Part of the Health Literacy Training for Health Professionals: A Case from Fukushima After the Nuclear Accident

A. Goto (Fukushima Medical University, FMU, Japan), Y. Yumiya (Fukushima Medical University, FMU, Japan), K. Ueda (Osaka Women's and Children's Hospital, Japan)

Following the Fukushima nuclear accident in 2011, we developed and implemented a series of health literacy training workshops for local health workers. This study aimed to analyse who among the intended audience benefited from the training. Nine health workers attended a workshopconsisting of a classroom training and a follow-up feedback assessment of materials they created in the workshop. The materials were assessed by a total of 131 intended readers. Sakai’s items asking

readers to rate the accessibility of written information were used to compare the materials before and after revisions. The total score of Sakai’s measure showed a significant improvement, and the elderly and those without regular doctor visits were more likely to notice the improvements after revision. Such health literacy training could serve as a model program to prevent inequity in the access to health information in the face of a regional health crisis.



後藤あや (福島県立医科大学 、FMU、日本)、弓屋結 (福島県立医科大学 、FMU、日本)、植田紀美子 (Osaka Women's and Children's Hospital, Japan)


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