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Conference on Recovery After Nuclear Accidents

Radiological Protection Lessons
from Fukushima and Beyond

December 1 - 18, 2020

Y. Moriwake, A. Takamasa, H. Toma, S. Sakoda

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Introduction of Nuclear Regulation Authority of Japan’s Project on Japanese Translations of ICRP Publications

Y. Moriwake (JAPAN NUS CO., LTD.; Secretary, ICRP Publications Japanese Translation Committee 2020), A. Takamasa (JAPAN NUS CO., LTD., Secretary, ICRP Publications Japanese Translation Committee 2020), H. Toma (JAPAN NUS CO., LTD.; Secretary, ICRP Publications Japanese Translation Committee 2020), S. Sakoda (JAPAN NUS CO., LTD.; Japan Radioisotope Association; Secretary, ICRP Publications Japanese Translation Committee 2020)

In fiscal 2017, the “Investigation of the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) publications on domestic regulations” project was commenced as a service commissioned by the Secretariat of the Nuclear Regulation Authority. The philosophy and standards for radiological protection sent out by the ICRP serve as the foundation for formulating regulatory standards in each country. In this project, an investigation of ICRP publications and their translations will be conducted with the aim of ensuring that the ICRP’s knowledge is widely shared among the concerned parties and contributes to reliable regulations. The Japan Radioisotope Association has made a Japanese translation of ICRP publications as its voluntary academic activity for approximately 60 years. With the commencement of this project, the Japanese translation activity will be handed over to the Secretariat of the Nuclear Regulation Authority and its organization commissioned with the service. The fiscal 2020 secretariat for this project is established in JAPAN NUS Co., Ltd.

To conduct the project, an “ICRP Publication Translation Committee” has been established. The translation committee will provide its suggestions to the Secretariat of the Nuclear Regulation Authority on the selection of what to translate and translators, and determine the final drafts of the translations. In the translation works, a process of “translation <expert> to proofreading <Translation Committee member> to supervision <ICRP/ICRU member or an equivalent expert>” will be followed to ensure the translation quality. Those publications “that were issued after the ICRP’s recommendations in 2007 (Publication 103) and have not been translated” are subject to investigation and translation, and the selection policy is that they must be “deeply related to domestic safety regulations concerning radiological protection and highly important or urgent.” The translations that have been completed so far are published as PDF files on the ICRP’s website, and also introduced on the Nuclear Regulation Authority’s website*. For fiscal 2020, it has been decided to translate Publication 142. Publications such as “Radiological Protection of People and the Environment in the Event of a Large Nuclear Accident” will be forthcoming, and their translation is being considered.

Status of translations as of August 20, 2020 (in the order of start)

Publication 125: Radiological Protection in Security Screening (already released)

Publication 132: Radiological Protection from Cosmic Radiation in Aviation (already released)

Publication 131: Stem Cell Biology with Respect to Carcinogenesis Aspects of Radiological Protection (already released)

Publication 121: Radiological Protection in Paediatric Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology (tentative title) (to be released in fiscal 2020)

Publication 130: Occupational Intakes of Radionuclides – Part 1 (tentative title) (to be released in fiscal 2020)

Publication 138: Ethical Foundations of the System of Radiological Protection (tentative title) (to be released in fiscal 2020)

Translation of the following publications is in progress:

Publication 126: Radiological Protection against Radon Exposure (tentative title)

Publication 124: Protection of the Environment under Different Exposure Situations (tentative title)

Publication 135: Diagnostic Reference Levels in Medical Imaging (tentative title)

Publication 127: Radiological Protection in Ion Beam Radiotherapy (tentative title)

Publication 107: Nuclear Decay Data for Dosimetric Calculations (tentative title)

Publication 139: Occupational Radiological Protection in Interventional Procedures (IVR) (tentative title)

Publication 129: Radiological Protection in Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) (tentative title)

Publication 140: Radiological Protection in Therapy with Radiopharmaceuticals (tentative title)

Publication 142: Radiological Protection from Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) in Industrial Processes

* Nuclear Regulation Authority’s website:


森分 勇人 (本エヌ・ユー・エス株式会社、2020年度 ICRP 刊行物翻訳委員会事務局)、 賞雅 朝子 (本エヌ・ユー・エス株式会社、2020年度 ICRP 刊行物翻訳委員会事務局)、當麻 秀樹 (本エヌ・ユー・エス株式会社、2020年度 ICRP 刊行物翻訳委員会事務局)、迫田 幸子 (本エヌ・ユー・エス株式会社、公益社団法人アイソトープ協会、2020年度 ICRP 刊行物翻訳委員会事務局)

2017年度より原子力規制庁の委託業務として「国内規制に係る国際放射線防護委員会(ICRP) 刊行物の調査」事業が始動した。ICRPが発信する放射線防護の理念と基準は、各国で規制基準を策定する基礎となっている。本事業では、そのICRP の知見が関係者に広く共有され確かな規制に資することを目的に、ICRP刊行物の調査と翻訳を行う。ICRP刊行物の邦訳は、約60年間にわたり、(公社)日本アイソトープ協会により自主的学術活動として行なわれてきたが、本事業開始によって、規制庁とその事業受託組織へと引き継がれることとなった。当事業の2020年度事務局は、日本エヌ・ユー・エス(株)に置かれている。 

事業実施のため、「ICRP刊行物翻訳委員会」が設置され、翻訳委員会は、翻訳対象と翻訳者の選定につき規制庁に提言を行い、翻訳の最終案を決定する。翻訳に当たっては、「翻訳〈専門家〉-校閲〈翻訳委員〉-監修〈ICRP・ICRUメンバーもしくは同等の専門家〉」というプロセスを経て、翻訳品質を確保する。調査・翻訳の対象は「ICRP 2007年勧告(Publication 103)以降で既訳がないもの」であり、「放射線防護に係る国内の安全規制に関係が深く重要性又は緊急性が高いこと」を選定方針とする。これまでに完成した翻訳は、ICRPホームページにPDFにて公開されており、また原子力規制委員会ホームページ*でも紹介されている。2020年度もPublication 142の翻訳が決定しており、「Radiological Protection of People and the Environment in the Event of a Large Nuclear Accident」などが近刊予定となっており翻訳を検討している。


Publication 125: セキュリティ検査における放射線防護(公開済み)

Publication 132: 航空飛行時の宇宙放射線からの防護(公開済み)

Publication 131: 放射線防護のための発がんの幹細胞生物学(公開済み)

Publication 121: 小児医療における放射線防護の改善(仮題)(2020年度公開予定)

Publication 130: 放射性核種の職業上の摂取:第1部(仮題)(2020年度公開予定)

Publication 138: 放射線防護体系の倫理基盤(仮題)(2020年度公開予定) (以下、翻訳進行中)

Publication 126: ラドン被ばくに対する放射線防護(仮題)

Publication 124: さまざまな被ばく状況における環境の防護(仮題)

Publication 135: 医用画像における診断参考レベル(仮題)